Our Services: We tend to graves of your loved ones at cemeteries in Ukraine

Please choose from our following services:

Finding Graves in Ukraine and Poland

Based on your information, such as names, dates, religion, social status – we will locate graves, tombstones or family vaults in Western Ukraine and South Eastern Poland. We will send you photos from the cemeteries showing the graves with names that have been located.

Grave cleaning and removal of vegetation

We will remove vegetation and old foliage, tree branches around the grave sites; clean, paint or weatherproof tombstones at the graves of your family and close ones. At your request, tombstones will be washed and moss and lichen growth carefully removed from tombstone surfaces. Before and after photos will be emailed to you.

Small Repairs

At your request, we will fill in cracks in cement tombstones, apply paint and weatherproofing solutions, restore paint in engraved name plates and will perform other maintenance and repairs as advised by you. As a Grave Tending and Maintenance enterprise, we have necessary  tools and skills required for cleaning and small repairs. Before and after photos will be emailed after completion of repairs.

For larger projects, such as straightening of leaning tombstones, replacement and large repairs and installation of new tombstones, we can contract outside skilled professionals.

Flowers and Candles

Fresh flowers will be placed and candles lit at graves at your request. We encourage you not to request plastic flowers and arrangements in order not to contribute to the accumulation of plastic at graveyards. Photos of graves with flowers and lit candles will be emailed to you.